Europe, a Patient Association

is a pan-European, non-partisan, cross-political advocacy and expert initiative.

Europe is engulfed by problems caused by disregard of the powerless by the powerful.
Europe, a Patient is the voice of the less powerful against greed and short-term interests which harm societies and environment.
We are a voice on ending pandemics, ensuring just climate transition, as well as ensuring European solidarity.

How to stop the crisis

Europe after the crisis

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Eliminating COVID, saving European green deal – online conference 17 Dec.

Eliminating COVID, saving European green deal – online conference 17 Dec.

By failing to solve the COVID crisis
the EU risks becoming incapable of leading the Bighting against the climate crisis. That is
why leaders in science, politics and religion across the political spectrum are appealing
to European decision makers to introduce recommendations to eliminate COVID in
Europe and make the best use of the European Green Deal to ensure a socially just transition for all.

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Final statement / after HPE conference

Final statement / after HPE conference

While many political and economic leaders might feel complacent and want to believe that the crisis has come to an end, neither the pandemic nor the crisis of trust in the European institutions are over. Political leaders construct their responses to these crises with an eye on the next election rather than tackling the problems facing future generations. We stand in need of overcoming short-termism. (S. Zamagni)

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