Our team

Europe, a Patient is a registered association under the Polish law and legal name Stowarzyszenie Pacjent Europa with a seat in Warsaw, Poland.


Mateusz Piotrowski


Political scientist (MA, Warsaw) and theologian (PhD, Nottingham). Co-founder of Folkowisko Borderland Culture Association and the Polish Humanities Crisis Committee. Programme Advisor to Global Catholic Climate Movement Poland. Co-creator of Labour Market: User’s Guide programme at TransferHUB Social Innovations Incubator.

Aleksander Temkin

Board Member

Social activist, philosopher. Founder (in 2013) and chairman of the social movement and association Polish Humanities Crisis Committee. Co-founder of the coalition Patient Europe. He writes about the concept of responsibility in Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novels.

Krzysztof Mroczkowski

Board Member

Economist, historian, professional manager with experience in fintech, banking, manufacturing, constructions, business consulting and policy consulting. Contributing editor at Nowy Obywatel magazine.

Bentke Dorota

Dorota Bentke

Board Member / Administrative Manager

Philosopher, freelance editor, board member of the Federation of Katyń Families. Sailor, choir singer.

Paulina Nowak

Team Member

Freelance project manager and policy advisor. Specialises
in social policy, social entrepreneurship and just transition.

Zofia Sobczak

Team member

Board member of the City Is Ours [Miasto Jest Nasze] Association (2014-2016). Initiator and leader of the action to save the “Femina” cinema in Warsaw. Board member of the Free City Warsaw Association (2017-2020). Associated with Energy Cities [Energia Miast], an association of independent local government officials in Poland, the Polish Economy Network, and the CoopTech Hub for cooperative technologies. An art historian by training; co-host of the “News from the End of the World” on social and political issues.

Maciej Grodzicki


Economist, researcher at the Jagiellonian University, board member of the Polish Economic Network. Studies economic development and globalization in the field of evolutionary and environmental economics. Co-author of the manifesto of economic research community “Regeneration instead of the shield!”

Tomasz Tarasiuk


A postgraduate political science student and a mathematics graduate from Wrocław. Professionally interested in data science.

Marta Olesik


Philosopher, works at the Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Author of the books “The Bourgeois on Mount Moriah” and “Square Pierced by a Spear”.

Michał Możdżeń


Economist, political scientist, assistant professor at the University of Economics in Krakow, founding member of the Polish Economic Network. Specializes in the political economy of macroeconomic and fiscal policy as well as analysis of political and economic norms and institutions.

Zofia Sajdek


Editor at the Jagiellonian University Press, social activist, philosopher. Member of a Polish left-wing political party Razem (Together) and of association Polish Humanities Crisis Committee. Feminist, vegan, Christian.

Maciej Krogel


Lawyer, editor, educator, PhD researcher at the European University Institute in Florence. Specializes in European Union law, constitutional law and legal philosophy.


Małgorzata Gasperowicz


Developmental biologist (PhD, University of Freiburg) and researcher at the University of Calgary in Canada. Member of European Platform of Women Scientists.

Bartosz Rydliński


Holds Ph.D. in political science, co-founder of the Ignacy Daszyński Center, a Polish social democratic think tank which is part of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS). Assistant professor at Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw, member of the Polish Teachers’ Union.

Jan Oleszczuk-Zygmuntowski


Economist, lecturer at Kozminski University in Management and AI in Digital Society. Co-president of the Polish Network of Economics and Program Director at CoopTech Hub. Co-founder and 2015-2020 Chairman of the Board at Instrat think-tank. Fellow of G20 Global Solutions and the British Council and Møller Institute. Author of “Network Capitalism” (“Kapitalizm Sieci”).

Mateusz Leźnicki


Lawyer with DeBenedetti Majewski Szcześniak since 2014, formerly an inhouse lawyer at the Polish Parliament, the Office of the Ombudsman and law firms. Lecturer at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw and PhD candidate at the Institute of Legal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Science. He conducts research in the field of theory and philosophy of law.

Marek Chochowski

Marek Chochowski


Lawyer, a researcher in legal and financial issues of socio-economic transformation in the Anthropocene. PhD candidate at the Institute of Legal Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Graduated cross-discipline studies in the field of social communication theory and philosophy (BA), law (MA), and philosophy – specializing in the philosophy of politics (MA). Graduate of interdisciplinary postgraduate studies on European economic and monetary integration co-organized by the National Bank of Poland. He is an officer in the Judicial Decisions Bureau of the Supreme Administrative Court of Poland. Professionally, he specializes in financial and tax law.