Europe that protects



Citizens and leaders of Europe are at crossroads.
Europe is at the crossroads.

We need a values based, win-win solution.

Europe is at the crossroads.

Cold autumn and winter are ahead of us. Energy poverty and economic quagmire ahead are set to derail Europe from its path.

Climate policies and energy transition is threatened.
EU needs to come out of this winter unified and sticking to its principles.

Political risk involved with pre-war economic choices of key EU countries is unsustainable. A reshoring of critical supply chains back to Europe and building a unified economic destiny is one of the themes of the conference.

But in order to reap long-term benefits EU needs to withstand short-term economic and social pressures. We need to protect citizens facing cost of living crisis with additional social measures to keep our current course and protect the green transition as well as workers and social rights and standards.

Europe, that protects, is also the one which will withstand the challenges of this century.